New Products for 2018   

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New additions have been made to our Milk Chocolate Bar range – these now include “Best” & “Occasions” ranges, a “Special” & “Thank You” range as well an extensive “Birthday” range. All these bars can be displayed on a purpose made Display Stand Spinner.

To complement these we have also produced a London Chocolate Bar range with famous London scenes depicted as well as iconic street name chocolate bars.

Our hugely popular Chocolate Games Controller has been updated with new packaging and a Twin Controller version added as well as a Gaming Mouse, Keyboard and another variant of a Controller.

We have added to our Cake range and have new, exciting Biscuit Tins now available. Treacle Toffee, Milk Chocolate Dragon Coins and a Chocolate Dip Barbecue Set are all new ideas. Our handmade Chocolate Animals in display outers have also been extended as well as our Halloween Lollipops.

Our large Festive chocolate gifts choice have been supplemented by a Santa, Snowman and Reindeer in display outers, innovative Christmas Games as well as Reindeer with Carrots. Crackers filled with Christmas Pudding Fudge will make another lovely festive gift.

See our online brochure here for further details of all our new and existing products.